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UK Thrilled As Nicki Moore Production Releases An Incredible New Movie.


Nicki Moore

The Residents of the United Kingdom have gone thrilling as Nicki Moore Production about to release their incredible new movie “Desperate Mission,” starring a Nollywood UK amazing Actress, Nicki Moore.

The news of releasing the new movie “Desperate Mission”, a movie produced in the United Kingdom by Nicki Moore Production has set the United Kingdom electrifying, Ogene Ndigbo Newspaper has confirmed.

All the UK residents are eager and curiously waiting to set their feet at the Odeon cinema London on the 25th January 2019 to watch the movie premier organised by Nicki Moore Production. It is a day to hold as people across the country will be converging at the venue to witness the movie premier of the year in the UK, put together by Nicki Moore herself, an outstanding Nollywood actress who has led a solid foundation for Nollywood industry in the United Kingdom.


As the residents are very much excited for what she has been doing for the Nollywood industry, Africans in general in the UK have praised her and thanking God for giving her such a wonderful insight to reform the society through the entertainment.

Nigerians in the UK have commended her for the great work and said, they are very proud of her, and will always support her, Chief Ogbonna Igwe said. Chief Igwe who returned from Germany last Monday in preparation for the event said,

“All the preparations are on a top gear to ensure the event is successful and had discussed with Nicki Moore to add more inputs in order to have a wonderful show on that very day”. According to Chief Igwe, he said, “Nicki Moore is a woman of substance that needs our great support, and we are collectively supporting her on this project”.

The United Kingdom residents, interacting with the OgeneNews in London have said, they are curiously waiting to watch the movie which will be premiered in London in this January. They are very excited, waiting to watch the movie that will be featuring the most outstanding Nollywood UK Actress, Nicki Moore, who they described as an “outstanding actress” to watch in the Nollywood movie industry.

Nicki Moore.

The waves raised by to be released newly produced movie by Nicki Moore which also featured another amazing Nollywood movie star, Uche Odoputa has been said to be very remarkable, however, it is not a surprise, because the actors used in the movie are all talented and highly skilled in the industry. Uche Odoputa will be present at the movie premier in London and other actors and actresses in the Nollywood industry.

In an interview with Nicki Moore when OgeneNews visited her to get some information about the new movie to be premiered this January, it was quite revealing.

Nicki Moore who lives in the United Kingdom is the Chief Executive Officer, Nicki Moore Media Productions and the Executive Producer of the movie, “Desperate Mission” to be premiered on the 25th January 2019 at the Odeon Cinema, Greenwich, London UK.

Her journey to the Nollywood industry started when she was hosting as a Red-Carpet Host in events. She later became an Actress, featuring in various movies across the country and in Nigeria that have earned her tremendous awards. As a talented and passionate actress, she became a very well-known actress. Nicki Moore is an actor who gives her very best to ensure the audience watching any of her movies will feel it “real”.

As a movie producer, one will ask what actually motivated her to move into the movie production. When OgeneNews threw this question to her, her answer portrayed the fact on what has been known in the industry where some movie makers do always demand for certain gratifications from the actresses before roles will be assigned to them.

Nicki Moore.

Nicki Moore who has featured in many movies and won several Awards said,

“One of the things that motivates me is when I hear people saying that before one will get to the top or get a lead role, you have to give in to some unnecessary stuffs, and also some people don’t believe in one’s talents, so the only way for my talent to be shown is to do my own production”.

She said, it is a known fact that movie production is not an easy task, but with the right people around you, great things will be achieved, she emphasized.

She said, “Knowing what you want will play a great role in your life, and it is very important that we know where we are coming from, so we know where we are going”.

In further interaction with OgeneNews, she reiterated that this is just a stepping stone for Nicki Moore by the Grace of God and informed the public that the movie “Desperate Mission” was directed by Uche Odoputa who also played a role in the movie as well.

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Nicki Moore who is also a TV presenter has played various roles in different uncountable Nollywood movies, among the movies are: The Saviour, Maid Of Dockland, Ndi Ozioma, Bridge, and Foreign King, others are, My London Slave, Tears Of Silver, Transmission, Lads In The City, Paper Chase, Kissing Shadow and the very DESPERATE MISSION produced by her.

Nollywood which has been placed second behind the biggest film industry, Bollywood, but ahead of Hollywood in 1986 and 2017 has been a symbol of African pride in the film industry. Africans living in the United Kingdom are always proud of these indelible works by the Nollywood and always show their supports to Nollywood entertainment industry. Molly said, “Desperate Mission” story outline is very incredible and it is a movie every UK resident should watch”.

Uche Odoputa .

In a phone conversation with Rosie Emma, a supper rising actress, featured in the movie is also the co-producer of the movie. Rising actresses as Rosie Emma has been identified as one of the major backbones for Nollywood in maintaining their global uniqueness as African pride in the movie industry. Rosie’s exuberant and enthusiastic nature in the industry is a tremendous advantage to Nollywood, Rosie, will be present at the event on that very day.

Rosie Emma.

In “Desperate Mission”, casts used in the production are talented and high-spirited actresses that interpret roles wonderfully as needed. Layo Awolo showcased her awesome skills and potentials which had been described as a “landmark” in the movie industry. When Tayo was asked if she will be present at the event, the amazing actress confirmed to be present at the event. It was splendid to have a little bit of her time to chat with her in her busy and tight schedules.

Tayo Awolo

Chuckly Shyngle who featured in the movie is a great actor in the Nollywood industry. What he portrayed in the movie was exactly the character as needed to send the message as wanted. Chuckly is not just an actor, but an amazing and earth-shattering one, who always portrays the message as needed. It will be a great pleasure to meet him at the venue as he confirmed to OgeneNews.

Chuckly Shyngle.

Nicki Moore Productions have demonstrated how potential the organisation is to transform and add value in the Nollywood industry through the kind of actors they cast on their movies.

Olukunle Samuel Fafowora is an actor, best described as “brilliant”. He is a talented actor to work with at all times. He will be present at the event on that very day.

Olukunle Samuel Fafowora.

Vera Pride is an incredible actress featured in the movie, in her role, she depicted her character so perfectly, capturing the substance needed to portray the actual message across. Nicki Moore has selected actors in the movie and among them is, John Ebera, an amazing actor to work with.

All the actors, actresses and Nollywood as a family will be gathering at the event on the 25th January 2019 at the Odeon Cinema, Greenwich London, UK. it will gather glorious momentum.

Vera Pride.

John Ebera.

Molly Anesu, a Zimbabwean lady, discussing with friends in London about the movie said, “Nicki Moore acts so well that I don’t miss watching any movie she is featured, and when I heard about the new movie “Desperate Mission” she acted and also the producer, I watched the video clip in the YouTube, I must say, it is very wonderful and I have bought my ticket with the link on the YouTube, I will be at the movie premier on the 25th January this month ”.


Nigerians have expressed their pleasure for the role Nicki Moore is playing in the Nollywood industry in the UK and Nigeria. They commended her for giving Nollywood another unique face in the UK as a movie producer to take the industry to the next level in the UK.

Margaret Ubani described her as a “unique and focused” individual who is very passionate to what she loves doing. According to Ubani, she said, “she is a very resourceful person and advised her to keep it up”.

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