The V.P. Debate, Igbo Groups In The United Kingdom Commend Peter Obi.

Mr. Peter Obi

Ndigbo living in the United Kingdom have commended Mr. Peter Obi on his performance during the debate that took place last week among the Vice-Presidential Candidates.

The group “Peter Obi Supporters UK” (POS UK), a UK version of “Otu Nkwado Atiku/Obi” led by the former National Chairman, All Progressive Grand Alliance, APGA, Chief Maxi Okwu, after visiting various groups in the UK by the Coordinator, Chief Charles Anyanwu said, the Igbo groups in the UK in one voice have described Obi’s performance at the debate as “very outstanding and brilliant”.

Peter Obi is the Vice-Presidential Candidate of People’s Democratic Party who was selected by the party’s Presidential Candidate, Alhaji Atiku Abubakar to run for the Nigerian President in 2019. His selection generated a lot of stirs among the party stakeholders, but later settled to enable the party to record its success as the people of the south east have thrown their weight to support Peter Obi in the forthcoming election. The support for him is said to have gone beyond the country, as the people of the south east in diaspora are solidly behind him to ensure that the final victory will be theirs, immediately after the presidential election which will be held next February.

Peter Obi Supporters UK, (POS UK) is a group newly formed in the United Kingdom for Ndigbo living in the UK to boost their support for Peter Obi. At the moment the movement is at its very peak, sensitising and mobilising Ndigbo and various groups to support Peter Obi. The group’s UK Coordinator, Chief Charles Anyanwu said, “I am so impressed by what our people are saying about Peter Obi, especially the just concluded debate among the candidates, as I have been meeting the leaders of various Igbo groups in the UK, they said”, “Peter Obi’s performance is very outstanding and brilliant, he is the son of his father, and we are proud of him and will give him every support to win the election for our people and Nigerians”.

Chief Anyanwu who described Obi’s performance at the debate as “wonderful” said, they have confidence in Obi. He referred when Obi was the Anambra state governor, he touched lives positively in different ways, built Anambra state economy and provided jobs for the people. When asked the reason why his group threw their support to Mr. Peter Obi, he said, Obi is their son whom they are well pleased with, and having Obi in the federal level will bring good fruits for our people “Ndigbo” and Nigeria in general. Our support for him supersedes party affiliation, but based on geographical interest as an Igbo man He recounted that apart in 1963-1966 when Nnamdi AZikiwe was the President of Nigeria during the first Republic, no Igbo man has been the president of Nigeria since then till today, apart from Aguiyi Ironsi under military regime. He commended Alhaji Atiku Abubakar for choosing Mr. Peter Obi as his Vice-Presidential Candidate.

Chief Charles Anyanwu ( POS UK Coordinator).

Chief Anyanwu said, Ndigbo have been short-changed and unfairly treated in Nigeria for decades, and ensuring that Atiku wins the election and Mr. Peter Obi as his Vice will be a considerable consolation for Ndigbo. “It will be a relief for us, at least, giving us the hope that one day, we will be the President”. Chief Anyanwu lamented over the bad roads in the south east and the issue of River Niger which the past and present governments have refused to work on, but instead using it as a campaign mantra, he hissed. He felt bad over the treatment the present government is melting on the Igbo people. He said, his group is galvanising all the Igbo people in the United Kingdom to through their support to Atiku/Obi to ensure they win this election. According to him, he described the election as their own election to win, and God will see them through to liberate the people.

On his courtesy call to the leadership of Igbo Gburugburu (IGG), an Igbo group in the UK for the welfare of Ndigbo living in the UK, Chief Anyanwu intimated them the need to win this forthcoming election in Nigeria and all hands should be on desk to ensure Atiku/Obi wins. The group’s leader, Hon. Ejike Ikezuagu with his executives who received him yesterday in his office expressed joy for what POS UK is doing and said, “It worth it”. He continued, saying our people need to be at that federal level to occupy that Vice-President’s seat for now. It will assist in alleviating the challenges Ndigbo are undergoing in Nigeria at the moment.

Hon. Ejike Ikezuagu, Leader IGG.

Hon. Ejike Ikezuagu who has been in the forefront of Igbo course in the UK and Nigeria commended POS UK’s Coordinator, Chief Anyawu for the good work he is doing and Hon. Ikezuagu said, IGG will support them in ensuring that the dream is realized. He used the opportunity to request Chief Anyanwu to use his position to promote peace for the people of the old eastern region in which ERA is clamoring for. ERA is the “Eastern Region Assembly”, a global group promoting peace for the people of old eastern region as it was in 1960s led by Hon. Ejike Ikezuagu.

In galvanising Ndigbo to support Mr. Peter Obi in the UK, the Secretary, POS UK, Kingsley M.A. Offor (Esq) described Mr. Obi as an astute businessman and great leader who has achieved a lot both in his private and public life and has track of prudence, good governance, accountability, sacrifice and outstanding accomplishments. Barr Offor said, Peter Obi successfully governed Anambra state for 8 years, leaving a zero debt, a flourished economy, ample dividends of democracy and reformed education system for the state. Barr Offor said he is confident in Obi, saying Obi is well educated, experienced, focused, exposed, and cosmopolitan. He further stated that Obi is indisputably an asset to the country. His profound administrative and professional skills will help the country attain new heights of success for a better Nigeria.

Kingsley M.A. Offor (Esq) Secretary POS UK. 

The Igbo professionals who are the members of POS UK to mobilise Ndigbo in the UK for Peter Obi expressed delight on the course, stating they will do everything within their power to ensure Atiku/Obi wins the election.


The Director, Net4 Radio UK, Nze Don Franklin Anayo, (Nze Don) said Peter Obi is qualified in all ramifications to do it and he will yield good fruits for Ndigbo. He threw his support for Obi stating that Obi can do it, he is capable. Nze Don is the owner of Net4 Radio Station UK and he is fostering for Igbo unity. He is a very passionate Igboman who wants the best for Ndigbo and will participate in any venture for the good of Ndigbo, and seeing POS UK as an Igbo umbrella in the UK to champion Mr. Peter Obi, he is delighted to belong to the group.


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In the same vein, Mr. Stanley Amadi, (De Pope) the “POS UK, head of Mobilisation” said, “this is an unstoppable movement that will yield as deemed and expected to install Atiku/Obi as the President and Vice-President of Nigeria to work for Ndigbo and Nigeria in general. It has gathered momentum in the UK and the group is made up of professionals in different fields. We will contribute to ensure we have the expected result, he said.

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