Pay To Be Endorsed As A UK Support Group For Atiku Abubakar Campaign.


Nigerians in the United Kingdom have reacted to the recent call made by the People’s Democratic Party UK Chapter for groups in the UK to pay for a fee in order to be registered as an endorsed UK group supporting Atiku Abubakar in the forthcoming presidential election in Nigeria. The demand which was made public through the General Secretary, Elijah .A. Sambo has received total condemnation from various groups and individuals in the UK.

The request for money from various groups by the party at a time they should be focused and genuinely seeking for the support of the people to salvage the country from being a completely collapsed nation has given great worries to many stakeholders in the UK.

Nigeria is the largest country in Africa with a developing economy as recorded in the first Republic under Dr Nnamdi Azikiwe as the president, 1963 -1966, when the country was politically and economically stable, enabling various stakeholders and groups to play a politics, devoid of selfishness. It has been said that certain individuals involving in Nigerian politics these days have become a great concern for the country.

In a phone conversation with Chief Onyema.O. Onyema, a member of a group in the UK known as “Peter Obi Supporters, POS UK, said, for PDP party stalwarts in the UK to demand for money from groups to be registered in order to receive an “endorsement” of the party to campaign for Atiku Abubakar (Atiku/Obi) for president has proven that the PDP UK members are crashing the hope of Nigerians who believe to work for Atiku Abubakar, irrespective of their political party affiliation. Chief Onyema who is not a member of the PDP, but decided to support Atiku/Obi to enthrone a sustainable government to change the life of the people for better said, they are making it impossible for Nigerians to participate in sensitizing Nigerians the need to support Atiku for good governance in Nigeria. Nigeria is in a situation where party affiliation shouldn’t count for now, but the hunger to have a good government by installing capable individuals to handle the affairs of the country to empower the citizens should be paramount. It is quite unfortunate the party is sending a wrong signal capable of causing confusion, and asked the PDP UK to redress and cease in making such demands from the groups.

The leader, Igbo Gburugburu, (IGG), Hon. Ejike Ikezuagu regretted and quarried the reason why the demand should be made by the PDP UK. He described the call as an “act of greed” and advised his members not to be discouraged from supporting Atiku Abubakar if any member wishes to do so. In his comment, he said, “I ask all members to keep on looking at the bigger picture of ensuring that in 2019, we will have the good governance that will positively impact the life of our people, and never to be discouraged by a mere act of selfishness by few individuals”.

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He urged the group to keep hope alive and disregard the call for registration by paying for a fee to be endorsed. He said, the demand is inappropriate, wrong, selfish, and stupid. He advised all the groups in the UK who wish to support Atiku/Obi in this election not to be discouraged. He also used the opportunity to send message to other political parties who may wish to engage in such a silly act not do so, but should bear in mind that Nigeria needs the best man to manage the country for the benefit of the citizens. IGG is a group of Ndigbo in the UK for the welfare of its people.

In demanding groups to pay for a fee to be endorsed, the party wrote,

“Registration of All Atiku Support group under the PDP UK Chapter”

“Dear honourable and all Atiku support groups and initiatives.

The PDP UK Chapter is now open to register and endorse all support groups towards the forth coming presidential diaspora campaign by His Excellency (H.E) Waziri Atiku Abubakar. During H. E’s visit, we shall recognise the groups that have been endorsed. It is therefore paramount that all UK Atiku support groups and their affiliates get PDP endorsement through group registration. To register with the Chapter a group can either pay £100 or £50 depending on one of the two categories below:

Where a group has a member of the PDP on its executive, we will only charge £50 for registration/endorsement.

Where a group does not have a PDP member on its executive, we will charge £100 for endorsement/recognition.

Individual Registration.

Individuals who would like to join the PDP may pay £50 for a discounted package for registration and one-year membership.

For further inquiry, please contact me.


Elijah A. Sambo

General Secretary

PDP UK Chapter”



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