Ohanaeze Demands Igbo Governors To Adopt May 30th As Political Cultural Day.

Ohanaeze Ndigbo

By Ejike Ikezuagu.

Recognize and adopt May 30th as political cultural day in Igboland, the newly elected, National President, Ohanaeze Youth Council (OYC), Igboayaka .O. Igboayaka has said to the Igbo governors in Asaba, Delta State during an event.

He made this demand in a press release made available to the newsmen during the OYC event last Tuesday in Asaba marked as “Asaba Declaration 2019”. The demand was made after his visit to the location where 1,000 innocent Igbo youths were massacred by the Nigerian force at Ogbe-Osowa square in Asaba during the civil war.

In a chat with Ogene Ndigbo Newspaper in Asaba after the declaration, the OYC President emphasized the need for the governors in Igboland to adopt May 30th as a Special Day in Igboland.

In the occasion, Igboayaka declared the group’s stand on May 30th, after analyzing the incidents that led to the conceptualization of the May 30th day celebration. He said, “the time has come to take a holistic step towards the economic development of Igboland. In view of this, OYC arrived at various resolutions demanding that all the Igbo governors should get involved in the May 30th celebration”.


He continued, stating that the May 30th should not only be seen as sit-at-home order in honor of Biafran fallen heroes who died during the Nigeria-Biafra civil war, but a day set aside to have lectures, creative discussions to continuously design a possible way for economic development of Igboland. He called on Igbo governors to adopt the May 30th as a political culture of Ndigbo.

He also called Senators, House of Representatives members, of Igbo extraction as well as the state Houses of Assembly to join in the movement to domicile May 30th as a political cultural festival of Ala Igbo in order to economically enrich Ala Igbo.

According to him, he said, “OYC accepts that hence Ndigbo are the largest African race with the total population strength of 48.9% of the Nigeria population, he therefore requested the Igbo governors to accept and adopt the 30th May in Igboland as the political cultural Day.

He further stated that May 30th should be seen as a meeting point of all the Igbo both home and in diasporas to discuss fundamental issues for a wider economic empowerment of the Igbo people.

He used the opportunity to call on the Igbo technocrats outside Igboland to use May 30th to locate home and offer their professional services to the development of Igboland and to identify the bane of Southeast development with a view to ending the plethora of challenges facing our people.

In his speech, he demanded unreserved apology from the federal government over the reported massacre of 1,000 innocent youths at Ogbe-Osowa square in Asaba, during the civil war.


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