Ndigbo Should Cease In Playing Tribal Politics, Chief Chukwuma Obidike Advised.

Chief Chukwuma Obidike

Ndigbo should cease in playing tribal politics, because they do not have the numbers, since politics is a game of numbers, Chief Chukwuma Obidike has warned. He made this assertion in a communique released to journalists in London where he advised that Ndigbo should develop their area. According to him, he said, Ndigbo should forget the issue of the presidency and put resources together to develop their area. Ndigbo are unique people and potentially endowed, capable of transforming the entire Igboland if their resources are pulled together for their people.

Chief Chukwuma Obidike who is the President “Imo State Citizens UK” clearly stated that “if Ndigbo start playing tribal politics, we don’t have the numbers”, he emphasized by saying that if Prof. Kingsley Muoghalu was to be the candidate of either of the two prominent political parties in Nigeria, it would have boosted the clamor for Igbo presidency and given it more edge.

Having said that, he said, even at that if Prof. Muoghalu is the candidate of PDP and his people, Ndigbo start waving the Igbo card, Chief Obidike said, the other tribe may feel alienated and seek alternative.

In his message to Ndigbo, he advised by saying, “we should forget the presidency and develop our area”. He maintained that the south-east states are very resourceful, advising for the people of the south-east to pull their resources together to build a dam that can guarantee consistent electricity to boost the economy of the region. If this is done according to him, he said, “come and see how the economy will grow” he boasted.

Chief Chukwuma Obidike.

In a research conducted by OgeneNews, it was revealed that out of the seventeen larger Dams and Reservoirs in Nigeria, none of the Dams was sited in any state in the south-east. The people of the south-east for decades have been lamenting over inconsistent electricity power supply in their area in which the federal government of Nigeria has paid a deft ear to their plight. The erratic power failure in the zone has been a major concern for the poor economic activities for the people, which they said if improved will reactivate the economic power of the zone to boost the economy and create jobs for their people.

It should be noted that the south east Nigeria that consists five States, namely, Anambra, Imo, Enugu, Abia, and Ebonyi state have no Dam sited in the zone for electricity supply, while the north-east, north-west, and south-west maintained the seventeen Dams operating in Nigeria. Among the seventeen Dams as said, some of these Dams are in the states as mentioned below: Niger State is where Kainji Dam, Jebba Dam, and Shiroro Dam are situated, Adamawa State: Kiri Dam, Ogun state: Oyan River Dam, Kano state: Tiga Dam and Kastina State: Zobe Dam.

Ndigbo have complained to be marginalized in this sector as well. They said, according to the revelation made available recently, it is said that the Oji River Power Station ceased functioning since 2004 as well which contributed immensely in the irregular power supply for the people of the zone . Nigeria government has debated plans for recommissioning the plant since then, up till this time, there have been no concrete plans nor decision that have been made for the Power Station to be functional to easy the stress of power failure in the zone. Oji River Power Station is thermal Power Station in Enugu State.

In a similar development on the issue of if Ndigbo should forget the Presidency and focus on developing Igboland, Mazi Andy Onyeka Chukwu Ibeh, a UK resident said he strongly believes that both can go simultaneously – hand-in-hand according to him, but maintained that the most important thing for them now is to develop Alaigbo, but insisted by saying, “you cannot divorce development of Alaigbo from Nigerian politics, because I believe that there is an unannounced economic embargo on Igbo land by Nigeria government”. He said, what we need in Nigeria is an economic level playing field with other parts of the country.

Mazi Andy Onyeka Chukwu Ibeh

Mazi Andy Onyedika Ibeh warned, stating that, individual or collective development of Alaigbo by the people cannot give Ndigbo Onitsha seaport, but a Presidential decision or comprehensive restructuring will, will make it possible. He also argued that Ndigbo must continue in their individual and collective development of our area as well and continue in engaging in active participation in Nigeria political power play.

He said, “it will be foolish of us and very dangerous to abandon our constitutional rights to aspire for President of Nigeria for promise of development”, Mazi Ibeh warned, “we must pursue both,”


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