London: African Music & Fashion Festival (AMFF) 2019.


African Music & Fashion Festival (AMFF) is an annual exhibition of African music and fashion which takes place in London, United Kingdom. It is a festival to showcase African music, fashion, artists, and designers to the global audience of influential media and retailers.

It is a consumer-oriented African music and fashion festival that attracts people of diverse cultures and orientation.

AMFF is a platform to attract businesses to your business. Be part of it as a music artists and/or a fashion designer to boost your business and career using our global platform for Africans.


It is for Business, Fun and Entertainment for Africans and the global society.


Any Registration Fee To Participate In This Festival?

Yes, there will be a registration fee to participate in the show as a music artists and/or as a fashion designer.  However, you will show your interest by filling our online registration form which doesn’t cost any money, but free. We will get back to you after receiving your completed and filled form.


How Much Will It Cost To Register?

After your online registration which doesn’t cost you any money, you will receive an email within 24 hours to inform you how much it will cost you to participate in the show and you can ask us any question you have.


What Is The Online Registration For?

The online registration is for us to be aware that you are interested to participate in the show and you may likely need more information from us. On receiving your online registration form, we will get back to you within 24 hours with more information.


AMFF is a global platform to showcase your business to the world, organisations and companies who will also be present in the show for business contacts.


Our Online Registration CLICK HERE

Music Artists and Fashion Designers, register HERE to be part of this festival in London UK.



Our ticket for the public to attend this show will be sold on this platform too, CLICK HERE:


Be at this event, it will be awesome and amazing.

The ticket will be out soon on this platform CLICK HERE.

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