Imo State Stakeholders UK/Ireland (ISSH) Cautioned Party Aspirants In The State.


Prior to the political parties’ primaries for the candidates of different political parties to emerge, the Imo State Stakeholders UK/Ireland has advised the aspirants to be more cautious as the state will not take it lightly with any individual who may likely to emerge as the candidate and win the election as the governor to mess up with the state. In a meeting the group had last Thursday in London, they stated that they are willing to support and back any candidate that will provide the state “good governance” and ensure that the lives of the people of the state will be economically improved in all ramifications and lives and properties secure.

The Imo State Stakeholders UK/Ireland (ISSH) is an organisation established in the United Kingdom to ensure “good governance” in the state. They are ensuring that the lives of the people in the state are economically advanced and the government adequately taking care of its responsibilities for the people of the state.

In interactions with the group, they advised the aspirants in the state to be good ambassadors of peace in their different political parties to reflect in their actions as they are about to conduct their party primaries soon. ISSH said, “be a good ambassador of peace in your different political parties and let that peace in you reflects in your activities to conduct a peaceful primary to elect the candidate of your party for the good of the state”.

It should be recalled that it was a bizarre in what happened in some of the political parties in the state in 2015 party primaries where the aspirants really played it rough against each other to get the party ticket. According to the group, it doesn’t show a sign of brotherhood. They advised all the aspirants in all the political parties in the state to see one another as one people pursuing one goal which is “the good of the state”, they group said.

The ISSH said, they will be assembling all the governorship candidates of different political parties by October for better understanding and for a good interaction to ensure that the state is positioned better for the best. According to them, they said, they will also convene a meeting with the candidates vying for the Federal House of Representatives, Senate and State House of Assembly. They group maintained that they want the best for the state and taking every measure to actualise the dream. They encouraged the aspirants to work as one body for the good of the state.

Speaking at the meeting, the Chairman, Imo State Stakeholders, Chief Charles Anyanwu said, “To rule Imo State is not by war, and if you fail in the primary, you should calm down”. According to Chief Anyanwu, he said, we expect to have a governor who is humane, kind and gentle. And whosoever wants to rule the state will be a peaceful individual and to understand the true plight of the people of the state.

In his words, he said, the group is identifying reasonable elders in the UK and Ireland to be recognized as the Imo State Elders representing the UK/Ireland. He warned those groups soiling the image of the people of the state in the UK to desist or face the consequences. Chief Anyanwu said, “gone are the days when unscrupulous bunch of irresponsible people converge themselves together for selfish purpose, but acting in the name of the state as if they are truly representing the state”. Anyanwu asked them to desist now. He also stressed the need to meet with few Imo state groups in the UK to advise them on the right track to follow in order to strengthen them to be better.

ISSH Members In A Meeting In London UK.

Chief Anyanwu who hails from Mbaise, Owerri zone in Imo state is a community leader and an SDP Stalwarts advised that ISSH is not a political party or political group, but a professional group endowed with resourceful individuals championing and protecting the interest of people of the state. He asked the candidates of different political parties to identify with them and provide them with their manifestos.

In a swift reaction, Retired Captain Carlos Akpamgbo, an ISSH member who came to the meeting from Scotland regretted how the state has been messed up by the politicians in the state and said, it will never happen again. The Retired Captain said, “I am glad to be a member of ISSH, and it is good this time I am free and will be participating in putting things right in the state”. Akpamgbo advised selfish individuals winding the clock of progress of Imo state back to cease immediately.

Chief Emeka Ughamba in his reaction stated that the group will be supporting the people in charge of our affairs in the state and encouraged other groups to step up in action in contributing for the good of the people of the state. Chief Ughamba was grateful for the ISSH’s actions towards the uplift of the state and thanked the members to keep the good work going on.

Imo State Stakeholders UK/Ireland.

In a similar development, Chief Kevin Njoku expressed joy in what he described as “awakening the spirit of our people in the UK to contribute in the development of Imo state”. He stated that ISSH will go a long way to re-awakening their spirit to contribute in no small measure for the good of state. He decried the manner in which the people in diasporas were being treated each time they go home to contest for an election. Chief Njoku said, people in diasporas are seen as foreign body and treated with disdain. He said, with the involvement of the ISSH in the polity of the state, all these will be resolved, he concluded.

The ISSH Spokesman, Hon. Ejike Ikezuagu used the opportunity to intimate the public what ISSH is all about. Hon. Ikezuagu, a founding member of the group said, ISSH’s focus is “good governance” and ensuring that those in charge of the affairs of the state are seriously taking up their responsibilities to effect a positive change in the society. It is for the enhancement of the people of the state. According to Hon. Ikezuagu, he said the group will also engage in advising the government in certain issues to realise the purpose of advancing the economic state of the people of the state and boosting the socio-economic condition of the state. Hon. Ikezuagu said they will throw their support to the candidates who will work for the progress of the state. In his statement, he said, their members are people of different professions in the UK and will utilise their skills and endowments in reshaping the state.

Hon. Ikezuagu said that ISSH members are made up of the people from the three zones in Imo state – Orlu, Owerri and Okigwe zones. He said these members live in the UK/Ireland and very passionate to reform the state for good. He further stated that the group will engage in various programmes and workshops to train and re-train individuals in various sectors and segments in the state to empower them economically. In his concluding speech, he thanked the members for attending the meeting and ISSH will do more to improve the lives of the people of the state.

In a closing remark, ISSH Chairman, Chief Anyanwu thanks members for attending.

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