ERA To Write Ohanaeze Nigbo To Engage Govt On Safety Measures.

The Eastern Region Nigeria.

The Eastern Region Assembly (ERA) has concluded in their National meeting held last Thursday in Owerri, Nigeria to write Ohanaeze Ndigbo and as well asked the governors in the old eastern region to put safety measures in place to safeguard the life of the people of the old eastern region in this festive season.

According to the group, they said, as the Christmas celebration draws closer, the atmosphere is becoming tensed especially in the Old Eastern Region which has always from time immemorial celebrate the season annually when the usually visit homes to share time together with their families and the loved ones.

Often at this period, there is rapid increments in the prices of products, transportation and others as result of the season.

Even, there is high rate of crime as many people struggle to steal from others in other to join and celebrate with others heavily. That is robbing peter to pay Paul for the purpose of the season.

But all these pressing issues need to be reduced or completely eliminated as they can’t be mixture of joy and sorrow at that season.

This is not to refute completely the dialectic law of opposite occurrence within a space of time.

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It is for these reasons Eastern Region Assembly (ERA) met last Thursday in Owerri to discuss and proffer way forward for the society as well as those who will be travelling from far to the east to celebrate with their families and loved ones. It was a marathon meeting that went well as the executives came out showing satisfaction to their resolutions.

Amongst the top agendas discussed are Security, Road maintenance and others.

The General National Secretary, Mr. Nnadi Ugochukwu who disclosed this to the press after the meeting in Owerri said “efforts are been made to reach the Igbo Apex body Ohanaeze Ndigbo led by Chief Nnia Nwodo and other sister groups to address the security operatives against any form of extortion from transporters to allow free flow of traffic especially in River Niger bridge where heavy traffic jam is recorded every season”.

Furthermore, he said “it’s the duty of the police and road safety to ensure the smooth running of vehicles at will without hinges”.

Mr. Nnadi Ugochukwu who also stated the need for the Federal government through FERMA to maintain highway roads for smooth running by transporters will also make life easy for those coming home to enjoy with their families and loved ones.

On the issue of security, he said “this is the time the federal government need to beef up security network in the whole of Eastern Region and not to intimidate, threaten, harass or extort the people but protect them from external or similar attacks”.

Although the Old Eastern Region is a peace loving area, but proper caution needs to be taken to continue maintaining the peaceful nature of the region as it has always been in Nigeria.

On a phone conversation with the ERA National President, Hon. Ejike Ikezuagu who spoke with the press from his office in London, UK reiterated the need for Ohanaeze Ndigbo to write to the state governors, who are commanders in Chief of their various States or territories to solicit for security from the federal government as well as making life enjoyable for travelers as they return for the yuletide.
He cautioned the security agency to be mindful of their work and not to extort from transporters and travelers as have been seen in the previous time.

When asked when they plan to write to Ohanaeze Ndigbo to address all these issues raised in the meeting, Hon. Ejike Ikezuagu said “the letters are almost ready to be dispatched especially when we have just few days to December”. He said “all works should be done within a short period of time so that Ohanaeze Ndigbo will be able to address all the grievances lodged”. ” Our National Secretariat is working hard to produce the letters as soon as possible. We crave the indulgence of the entirety of Old Eastern Region to be patient with us”.

Eastern Region Assembly (ERA) is a socio-political group that tends to harmonize the old eastern region and create a better atmosphere politically and otherwise to the people of the region anywhere across the country.

It is the wish of the ERA to create an “Eldorado” for the people of the south-east and south-south where unity, peace and harmony can be felt in all ramifications, the group leader said.



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