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Intro: Los Angeles is best known for its entertainment in the whole world. As the capital of the tribute bands in the USA nobody can cast doubt on its potential and great talent. A large number of these tribute bands started as mere side ventures of local artists which eventually turned out as fully equipped entities in the music industry. The list of tribute bands in Los Angeles is endless and it is not easy to spot the best. For the lovers of the 80's music, here is a rank of the best of bands worth a live performance check. This band mimics the 80's celebrities like George Michael and Billy Idol in its performances. It creates a special mood of festivities when playing the music of some famous 80's groups such as Police and The Cure. In addition, it provides its own emcees and DJs making it ideal for weddings and dinner parties. This band rocks by touring all over America making tributes of the 80's era music. Stones fans are willing to bet that this is the kind of band that surpasses Hollywood standards. Knyght Ryder has this energetic wave when it comes to playing the most favorite 1980's hits. Its die-hard fans are never tired of its most thrilling Friday night performances. This band performs in a humorous mode. It has the most audacious characters you will ever find in a music group. This was the very first tribute band to play indie rock music. It is such an amazing performer for those who love independent record labels. Actually, it was intentionally created in order to eliminate the discrimination against indie rock. This group from Southern California is best known for rolling in the 80's Rock music. Its music endowments and professionalism in the execution of the performances are acclaimed. For any type of event, the Radio Rebels will elevate the audience mood to peak levels. It is a band that takes pride in playing the current hit songs and the favorite 80's hits back to back. What could be more fascinating than bringing the past and present themes in a play? It is one of the most passionate Los Angeles 80's tribute band that turns any celebration into a turmoil. Its energy aims to shake an audience with the delivery of the most celebrated hit songs. Updated on January 24, 2018 Ara Vahanian moreAra is currently an Accounting student at Glendale Community College in Glendale. CA. His main goal in life is the enjoyment of it. Angela Gossow is one of those vocalists in the music business that will leave many fans in awe because of her ability to growl so effectively and do a death metal voice just like a man! Wages of Sin obviously continues with Michael Amott and Christopher Amott playing the guitars. Joining them for this album is drummer Daniel Erlandsson and bassist Sharlee D' Angelo of the thrash metal band Witchery. One of the biggest highlights and the best songs in the album is Ravenous. The harmony parts played by brothers Michael and Christopher Amott are so brilliant that there are no words left to describe them. The song is about a blood sucking creature, probably a vampire that is out to get human blood. The solo near the end of the song is excellent as well! Savage Messiah sounds like a slower song by the British grindcore band Carcass along with an older Arch Enemy influenced song. The melody then kicks in. I also see some Metallica style guitar playing later in the song. Does anyone remember Phantom Lord? I’m sure you do and kudos to James Hetfield and company for influencing so many bands. The next song Dead Bury Their Dead is about someone that is ready to leave their past anguishes behind and live a brand new life. I may be ready to do the same. It is still early in 2017 so it is not too late for us to turn over a leaf and get a fresh start in our lives. The song has a guitar part that is similar to the early days of the band Death. Web of Lies is about exactly as the song title implies. Living a life of lies and deceit is a path that will lead us crashing down into the lowest depths of our being. Lying and deceiving is going to lead people and world leaders into lots of trouble eventually. If people cannot trust you, then you will not be successful. There’s a reason why they say that cheaters never win. In the end, GOD judges all of us. We must lead a path of honesty and good morals. The First Deadly Sin turns to a fast song first and the guitar picking reminds me of a more modern version of the song Reaction written by Annihilator guitarist Jeff Waters. Behind the Smile is a song about a person that feels that as time slips by, they see their life just slipping away as they feel nothing. When the emotion of love dies down in a person’s life, we know what replaces that. The solo by Christopher is pretty melodic as well. Snow Bound is a short, soft instrumental song that really shows the immense talent of Arch Enemy. Why did Angela Gossow leave Arch Enemy as their vocalist? In 2014, Gossow announced that she would be stepping down as Arch Enemy’s vocalist. Her then new job would be acting as the band’s manger behind the scenes. She gave her reasons for leaving Arch Enemy as the vocalist. Gossow revealed that she no longer had the same passion and joy to be doing the job and constantly being on the road and traveling. She would rather leave the position rather than stay there and pretend to like it. She has been active in the music business since 1991. Angela Gossow is one of my favorite death metal vocalists along with Tokiko Shimamoto of the band Shadow. Which one of these two former Arch Enemy vocalists do you think was the better one? Sign in or sign up and post using a HubPages Network account. 0 of 8192 characters usedPost CommentNo HTML is allowed in comments, but URLs will be hyperlinked. Comments are not for promoting your articles or other sites. Are you a female vocalist with dreams of becoming a true Diva in the music industry? No doubt you already have a beautiful voice, but more is needed to have a "professional" quality to your music career. This article will explain why Aural skill development (AKA - Ear Training) must compliment your Vocal training. I will also show you how easy it has become for you to train your ear and improve your musical ability in just minutes a day! I remember watching an episode of American Idol where the contestants got to work with a big name vocalists. The professional singer was at a piano and would ask the contestants to match a note on the piano or to sing a higher or lower pitch. It was obvious that many of the contestants had no Aural skills training. What the professional artist had that most of the contestants did not was an ear trained in pitch recognition. Think about it. How can you know what note to sing if you don't even know what key the musical composition is in? Without proper ear training, your music progress will always be limited. An ear trained in pitch recognition can identify the role of a single pitch in the context of an established keynote. By the way, if you didn't understand that last statement, then an ear training course will also deepen your understanding of musical theory as well. So how do you improve your Aural Skill? Fortunately for you, access to ear training has become easier than ever. You don't have to hire a music coach and you don't have to buy a cumbersome CD course. There is an ear training program that can be downloaded from the internet within minutes of reading this article. It is 100% guaranteed and totally risk-free! The resource link below will give you more information. You would like an ABBA tribute but will your guests? Madness would be fun, but you can only remember a handful of hits. Queen tribute bands could be a good option, but maybe a bit too heavy for some people; and so the dilemma continues. With so many tribute bands to choose from which one do you book and would you want the same artiste all night long? Another question to ask before booking anything is whether the tribute artiste works with backing tracks or a real live band with drums, guitars and other instruments. So many people have jumped on the 'band wagon' (pardon the pun) and are simply solo singers with backing tracks and maybe some dancers thrown in to add to the numbers and justify the money they are charging. There are some great tribute bands out there on the market but again which do you choose? Well there is now an alternative option. Without having to break the bank, you can now have all of your favourite tribute bands in one evening with a multi-tribute band. This is basically one band that can offer an array of tribute bands to suit your exact requirements. That way everyone is happy. There are tribute bands for many famous bands and singers. In many cases people will go see these bands not only because they like the music of the artist, but because tribute bands may be playing in more locations and because their tickets may be cheaper. The most popular bands tend to be the ones for which tribute bands form. Popular groups tend to have the most people playing their music so it makes sense that tribute bands would form. Consider a group of people who are all fans of a certain band who get together to play once a week. Using that other artist's music gives them something they're all familiar with to use as they develop their skills both individually and as a band. Eventually they may decide they want to be a group but don't want to write their own songs, or decide they like playing the other band's songs and will do that. Some tribute groups focus just on the music while others will also copy the look. Tribute groups provide music that people are familiar with. If you are seeing a tribute group for your favorite band you will probably know most of the songs. Chances are high that you will be able to find a tribute group for the most popular bands of every music style. Tribute groups allow people to see the music of their favorite bands played live without having to wait for that band to come to town. The band may be touring in another country or simply not even touring at the moment, but tribute bands might still be playing. Another reason people like to see them is because sometimes for certain bands and singers, ticket prices can get very expensive. You might want to see your favorite band but not want to pay expensive ticket prices. Those ticket prices can be expensive because the bands can bring in large crowds, but tribute bands obviously cannot have quite as expensive of ticket prices because they aren't the actual band themselves, so the prices are usually cheaper. However, the music and the experience can be just as good as the original. Remember that the tribute band is trying to recreate the music accurately so the people in the audience get the closest experience to the original as possible. Arguably for some people, being a famous musician/rock star, would be a dream come true. However, whilst quite possibly one of the most exciting, the music business remains one of the most competitive in the world. Behind the glitz and glamour hides the stark reality that despite relentless hard work, as well as the pain and misery of those who fail, comes the plain truth that there is absolutely no guarantee of success. Trying to establish an original band and hopefully write hit songs, or even songs good enough to get a record deal, can be the hardest part of anyone aspiring to be a musician. However, for the countless would be musicians, a possible solution exists, by forming a tribute band. Quite a lot of people have used this vehicle as a main income whilst they establish their own band. One of the biggest successes in this field is Bjorn Again, the ABBA tribute band, who have built up worldwide recognition. They are a popular favourite at many festivals around the world, attracting thousands of people. So which band to choose? Probably the obvious choice here relates to the type of music you prefer. Perhaps you have a varied taste in music, which would be ideal, as you can pick and choose. Maybe you have a passion for heavy metal or boy bands, and would only be happy been the new Slipknot or Boyzone act. However, you may find that there are already a dozen available acts. Well unless you are absolutely hell bent on a particular style or band, the next obvious choice is to do some market research. Brainstorm a number of ideas to start with and do a Google search to see if there are already established acts. There are also a number of agents who represent tribute acts. In the UK for example Psycho Management and Entertainment UK are ones worth checking out. The Stage newspaper also lists a variety of agencies, to possibly contact for help and guidance. As I'm sure you can imagine, there is no hard and fast way to go about this. Perhaps you are already friends with a group of musicians who share a common interest. Networking musicians from your home town or local area, is bound to provide you with likely candidates. If you are already a musician who doesn't have fixed ideas about what to play or who to form a band with, you could again consult publications such as The Stage and hopefully apply for vacant positions. The benefits of pursuing the music business in this way can be more beneficial than money alone. The musician taking this route, will provide an in demand service, but also have the opportunity to develop as a musician. Providing you choose an in demand act, you can save the months of relentless touring that an original band has to go through to build up a following. Ultimately, the experience that can be gained as a tribute artist would undoubtedly prove valuable for any aspiring original artist. Yes, I know Robert Plant is cool. I know Elvis is the king, and I know Dean Martin can croon butter into a pool of delicious goodness. But for my money, there has never been a more technically adept, soulful, mind-bogglingly gifted vocalist than Boston's late front-man, Bradley Delp. If you don't believe me, dust off Boston's first album and check out nearly every cut. Mind you, this was before auto-tune and Pro-Tools recording software could make Daffy Duck sound like god. Every male vocalists vocalist, regardless of genre, should at least listen to the newly remastered 'More Than a Feeling', and try to nail every nuance of Delp's staggering performance. In the 35-plus years since his professional debut, Delp sang on nearly a dozen albums and projects with amazing anonymity despite phenomenal success. The Boston debut alone sold 17 million copies but Delp could still walk down the street and blend right into his neighborhood. If you really want to get to the heart of what made Bradley Delp one of a handful of singers to come down the line, it comes down to tone,technical prowess and soul. Think Floyd are coming back to where it all began: Hornchurch. To send a link to this page you must be logged in. Britain’s first Pink Floyd tribute band played their first professional theatre gig at the Queen’s Theatre Hornchurch and on Saturday 2nd March they’ll be returning for the first time in 14 years. The group started as a covers band playing in London in the early 90s, before tribute acts had been popularised. At a regular gig in a south east London pub, someone requested Comfortably Numb. They didn’t know how to play it but promised they would learn for next week. The performance went down very well and they began to get more requests for Pink Floyd songs. One week they played a whole evening of Pink Floyd songs, calling it Think Floyd. It became a regular event. Music promoter and Pink Floyd fan David Walker saw them perform and signed them. The semi-pro pub band became a professional music act. Pink Floyd’s Nick Mason was so impressed with Think Floyd that, in a 2017 LBC interview, he described the tribute band as "better than we are". Think Floyd didn’t even know he had seen them perform. Lewis Hall, the band’s bass player, says of Pink Floyd: "It’s just timeless music. The band members are attentive students of Pink Floyd. They pour over footage of the band’s original concerts to glean details for their own shows. While there will not be an inflatable pig, the sounds and the lights are true to the spirit of Pink Floyd’s original performances. With the help of their sound engineer, Paul Jennings, the band tries to recreate the sound of the studio albums as closely as possible. For album effects that cannot be recreated live, they look to the live performances for inspiration. Other, bigger Pink Floyd tribute acts like Brit Floyd or The Australian Pink Floyd Show recreate the grandeur of Pink Floyd in the 90s, but watching Think Floyd is like seeing the original band in the 70s, says Lewis. All of Think Floyd’s original members have moved on or passed away but the band goes on with new blood. Each member is steeped in Pink Floyd. Lewis recalls his older brother handing him Floyd albums as an 11-year-old child. Their guitarist, Richard Morse, is an especially big fan. He learned to play guitar practicing Pink Floyd songs. His performances of Dave Gilmour’s guitar solos are note-perfect. Alluding to the band’s enigmatic stage presence, Lewis says: "We’re lucky we don’t have to look like them. When you go to see a Rolling Stones tribute band, you expect to see them dancing like Mick Jagger. Lewis first heard the band when he was working at the Key Theatre in Peterborough 18 years ago. They were looking for a bass player and he auditioned. He’s now been with the band for 18 years and is their longest serving member. As bassist and leader of the band, he compared his role to Roger Waters’s role in the original one. Fans have asked them to put out their own original music. Lewis confirms there’s plans in the works but fans may have to hold their breath. The tour honours the 40th anniversary of Pink Floyd’s timeless album The Wall. They will be playing the whole album from start to finish plus a good selection of classic hits. Throughout the centuries women have been so many things and have meant so much to men in a variety of ways. Some look to them as mothers and protectors who provide care and shelter to us in our most vulnerable moments. Others would look to them as queens, goddesses and unattainable figures of beauty. While still others would view them with revulsion as seducers or the ultimate downfall of man-something to be curtailed and controlled rather than unleashed. But whatever we may think of women and whatever the stereotype may dictate, nothing quite inspires us men like women do. And these women are living examples of that fact. I'm quite sure that with the power of their voices they can send men either to heaven or the grave if they so wished it. The following are some of the most influential female vocalists of all time. Janis Joplin: Back in her day, there was no bigger symbol of female rebellion than Janis Joplin. A professed ugly kid back when she was younger, her raspy voice would be the medium that would send some of the most liberating lyrics of her age to immortality. Unfortunately she passed away in 1970 at the age of 27: the same as Jim Morrison of The Doors, Kurt Cobain and several other great musicians. Bjork: This quirky Icelander is without a doubt one of the most unique singer-songwriters ever. By combining so many diverse styles into her music, she has become one of the most pioneering and avant-garde artists in the pop music scene. Her creativivty defies both time and genre. Diana Ross: According to the Guinness Book of World Records, she is the most successful female artist of the 20th century with 18 number one hit singles. This multiple award winning lady of incredible range also has two stars on the Hollywood Walk of Fame: one for her solo efforts and one for her time as lead singer of the Supremes.

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