Biafra Heroes: Hold A Minute Silence To Remember Those Killed During The War.

The Biafra Heroes.

By OgeneNews.

Ndigbo around the world will pause for a minute on the 30th May 2019 to pay respect to the Biafrans killed during the Nigeria Civil war, the Convener, Eastern Region Assembly (ERA) Mazi Ejike Ikezuagu said.

According the group founder, he said, the Minute Silence is in memory of the Biafrans and friends of Biafrans killed during the war in 1967 – 1970 by the Nigerian forces.

Mazi Ejike Ikezuagu made this remark in London where he asked Ndigbo, friends of Ndigbo and the people of the Old Eastern Region to mark this exercise tomorrow being 30th May 2019 at exactly 12 noon, the Biafran Time to respect the heroes who sacrificed their lives for the country – Biafra.

He said, “all locomotives, cars, buses, and motorcycles should cease to operate, so that, in perfect stillness while standing, the thought of everyone will be concentrated on reverent remembrance of the “glorious dead” of those who fought for us during the war”.

In a TV program, “Nigeria In Focus” monitored yesterday in London, he requested Ndigbo and the people of the Old Eastern Region around the world to observe tomorrow, 30th May 2019 as “Biafra Heroes Day”.

He asked Biafrans to always hold memorial services on every Sunday after 30th May every year in the Churches and public places around the world as a tribute to those who lost their lives for their country, Biafra.

Mazi Ejike Ikezuagu.

Mazi Ikezuagu said, “I request all the Biafrans, friends of Biafrans, and the entire people of the Old Eastern Region around the world to observe a minute silence on 30th May 2019 at exactly 12 noon, Biafran time, in memory of those killed during the war”.

In his words, he backed the call by the IPOB to sit-at-home and encouraged the Biafrans to wear “black cloths and bands” as stated by the Alaigbo Development Foundation (ADF) in their recent call to Ndigbo.

Ikezuagu said, “a day as that should be mapped out as a day in Igboland for lectures, seminars and conferences to share more insights on Igbo political and cultural advancement”.
He continued by saying that, he threw his support on the earlier call made by the National President, Ohanaeze Ndigbo Youth Council (OYC) Igboayaka .O. Igboayaka, to always hold seminars, lectures and conferences on “Biafra Heroes Day” in Igboland.

The Eastern Region Assembly (ERA) is a group that is championing for peace and unity of the people of the old eastern region in pursuing for their exit from Nigeria. According to the Convener, ERA, Mazi Ejike Ikezuagu, he said, the group is planning to hold “Eastern Region Summit” soon where all the groups and individuals from Igboland and the people of the Old Eastern Region will assemble to discuss issues as it matters to them for their exit from Nigeria.

He said, “ERA will be marking every 30th May every year as “Biafra Heroes Day” around the world and will enjoin OYC in holding lectures, seminars and conferences to be sharing more insight on Igbo political and cultural advancement in Igboland”. He reiterated, for all the shops and markets to be closedown tomorrow 30th May 2019 in Igboland and where Biafrans live to respect the heroes.


In the same vein, to mark the significance of the 30th May and the need to obey the call, the National Secretary, ERA, Ugo Nnadi said, it is only those who understand the essence of life, live to mourn passionately, because death is inevitable. It is also only those who understand how the entity called Nigeria works in terms of political permutation will work hard to achieve ethnic ideological bloc through which their voices can be heard to avoid been short changed.

Biafra Heroes.

Given this, he said, “we join forces with other articulating and resilient Pro Igbo groups to arouse the consciousness of the people of Old Eastern Region on the need to obey the call for Sit at Home. Let the Sit at Home not be a barrel day for Ndigbo as they are industrious and creative people, but a day to mourn our fallen martyrs, reflect on the past through symposiums, workshop, seminars, etc in order to deal with the future. The danger of today threatens tomorrow.

He maintained that it will be a blatant lie if anybody from the Old East of the Niger claims that there is nobody to mourn. Anybody with such claim should count him/herself lucky. He/she is not less than remnant of the 1967-70 civil war that claimed the lives of over 5 million people from a particular region.

He appealed to the consciousness of the general Igbo People collectively to solidarize with all well-meaning Pro Igbo groups that have brought this historic happening for the sake of our future.

Biafra Heroes.

He said, we must continue to immortalize the dead and register our anger to the leadership of Nigeria on their failed attempt to completely exterminate the people of Old Eastern Region. Not only that, it is on record that the leadership of this country has continued to deny and short-change the people of Old Eastern region and we should also use the said date to pronounce boldly the injustice perpetrated to us.

He said, “we must put ourselves together as a people living under the umbrella of “Igbo Kwenu” if we must shoot and fly high henceforth in Nigeria., we sue for peace and orderliness as we continue to diplomatically push for our unity and place in Nigeria until the freedom we seek hits the ground for running”.


Be In The Audience, Be Our Guest.

Host: Ejike Ikezuagu.


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