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EfatsMedia UK, registered in the UK is a broadcasting and media production company in the United Kingdom for African news and information. EfatsMedia is in conjunction with Nigerian Newspaper (Ogene Ndigbo Newspaper – ISSN: 2659-157X). We have online platform (EfatsDating) where African singles and individuals interested in African singles can hook up for love, relationship, and marriage. If you are still single and ready to mingle with the African singles, then, Go EfatsDating.


We also have a platform (SkillsClass) where people can upload their videos for free to teach the public the skills and talents they have got. In the SkillsClass, the teacher is the person who uploads the video, e.g. where he or she is teaching the people how to cook a particular food, how to make films, or any skills he or she has, will be earning money from the individuals who register to attend the class – these individuals that register for the class are known as the “Students”. The registration fee is set by the “Teacher”and SkillsClass Admin will have 50% of the registration fee from the Teacher. Students have the options of registering for one, three or six months for the class.


(My Forum) is also a platform created for the public to be sharing their views on different topics. It is free to register.


We do accept Advert.

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